Tuesday, September 12, 2006

First Day of "school"

Brennan went in to Daycare this morning for his first time. He'll be going 2 mornings per week (Tuesday & Thursday) this year while I attend class and study. It was a big day for all of us, but his teacher said he had a "great day." Here's a breakdown of what he did:

"Brennan listened to the story "Spot Goes to School" and to the song "Good Morning." He had fun playing with stacking cups and soft animals. Brennan played in the exersaucer, took a stroller ride up and down the sidewal and had a busy morning!"

It' so cool that they give us a report like this EACH day. They also tell us what he ate & what time, along with nap and diapers (which I figured no one was concerned for me to recite. As hard as it is for us to give him a way for the day (well, it's not THAT hard) we know he's in a good place with good people and he'll have fun and be safe.

I got another one of those moments today, when he came back, the "I'm a dad" moments where you start thinking about the enormity of the task. There are going to be many more of these "first days of school" and one day a "first day of college" and in between I'm going to be responsible for teaching him about life. It's a big responsibility, and I know I'm going to fail a lot. He's probably going to learn some bad habits from me and maybe some bad words (uh... but I don't know any...) So I just gotta keep praying that somehow he'll turn out alright. Luckily, I'm not alone, I've got a little help...


Chris & Connie said...

Thanks for the cute pics ;-)

cardan27 said...

AAAAWWWWW, Just when I think Brennan could not get any cuter...
You both are doing such a wonderful job with Brennan and we all miss you here in the cuse'

Aunt Carol