Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Easter - 2 Years Removed

While I was busy last week, I came across a few things in some boxes. One of which was the insert from either the Maundy Thursday or Good Friday service at Bel Air Pres where I was on staff before coming to Princeton. I had made some notes on the subject of Easter and, interestingly enough, on the subject of mission. I thought I'd post them here, nearly verbatem as a testament to how God weaves certain motifs in your mind over time. The idea of mission especially.

I wrote this as something to be spoken, so I've transposed it in light of that:

You may not be able as yet to proclaim the triumph of His resurrection-
But do not go home tonight and live in the emptiness of His death.

You may be able as yet to affirm the day of His return -
But do not give in to the darkness of night.
For just as night gives way to day and darkness to the advance of the sun-
Know that the Son of Man
the King of Kings
the Lord of Lords did not remain in the tomb.
Accept the knowledge, accept the peace, accept the words that he left his disciples with.
Do not fear, do not doubt, do not worry.

Some additional notes I made concerning misssion, also concerned our new favourite disciple: Judas. But I have no comments on the new gnostic gospel bearing his name...

Why did Jesus Die and Why did the people turn on him?
-He didn't live up to their expectations

Why did Judas betray Jesus?
-He wasn't doing what Judas thought he should

Why did Peter raise the sword to the High Priest's servant?
-He didn't understand Jesus' mission

You have a choice, will you decide Jesus mission for him?
Or will you accept HIS mission for Himself and HIS mission for you?

His mission is not power but meakness
His mission is not merely justice but mercy
His mission is not merely for His glory but our redemption, our reconciliation
He came out of love, will you decide to accept that love?
Is God's mission good enough for you?

Do not mistake it for your own.
It is HIS work, HIS action, HIS love that enables.
When you hear of His pain, know that he did it for you.
When you hear of His death, know that he did it for you.
It is HIS Mission and He did it for you.

I preach in 4 days on John 20:24-29 - the exchange between Jesus and Thomas. It will be interesting to see exactly what transpires, but I think some of this ethos will flow into it, much of what I've been reading and thinking about this year and hopefully, even more of the Holy Spirit and the message that God wants the people to hear...

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Lars Rood said...

Don- Thinking of Bel Air this week too. They have 10,000 people show up to the Hollywood Bowl. I heard through the grapevine that it was very impersonal and not really a cool thing but it did make them feel good.