Monday, March 13, 2006

Things I learned over Reading Week (not necessarily for the 1st time)

1. My son is the cutest thing ever - and now that he smiles, I need to start running crowd control.

2. I need to start each day with the bible & prayer - it's not legalism it's called discipline.

3. It feels good to read stuff before the last minute - but it still doesn't keep me from falling asleep while I'm doing it, especially in a sweltering library.

4. Getting things accomplished feels good - but I need to make dailiy & weekly schedules for myself in order to make sure it happens(see #2).

5. I spend way too much time watching & reading about sports - period.

6. Johnny Cash is someone I want to learn more about, and hear more from - as Bono is quoted on Wikipedia "Every man knows he is, basically, a complete sissy compared to Johnny Cash."

7. It feels good to live in a place that, as my wife says, is "picked up" - see #2.

8. Lesslie Newbigin, slowly but surely, is offering me a response to just about every theological issue I've been contemplating - and he practiced what he preached.

9. I like to sleep - too much.

10. Having lunch with a friend, talking from the heart & praying together is awesome, and God speaks through it - if only I could remember everything he says.

11. It's NOT all about me...

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theonegoing said...

#10 was an encouraging time. Returning to the parking lot with -1 minutes was a great ending...